Brand auditing

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  • To know the these days market scenario of the Vodafone Cellular Services w.r.t. not only the Indian, on the other share extremely for the field – wide Cellular Services.
  • To know the Marketing-Mix of the Vodafone Services.
  • To find elsewhere the customer response for the Vodafone Services.


In November of 2006, India reached 100 million GSM subscribers. This places it at 3rd, persist China and Russia, in national subscribers to GSM.

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All told, there are 140 million cellular subscribers in India. With a total population of 1.1 billion, this system that 12.7% of the population uses cell phones. Compare this to China, with 449 million subscribers and a population of 1.3 billion, with 34.5% saturation. Both countries have cellular concentrations in their major cities, with some spotty coverage in outskirt villages. If you contemplate at this graphic, you’ll see that the major cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai cause up about 20.7% of cellular usage. Not only does the native land have margin for growth, on the other artisan the government’s rationale is to have 500 million subscribers by 2010. GSM will provide the course of action for this duration as will expansion of companies enjoy Texas Instruments. With that in meaning, finding an entrance into the Indian cellular market can be difficult. So, many of the companies have operations in other countries and are not a pure play.

Hutchison Telecom Int Ltd (HTX) is a multinational society based in Hong Kong, whose Indian manner, Hutchison Essar, has an impressive 25% market knowledge in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. They extremely have an impressive presence in the smaller cities and more rural areas of India. Their business in India is just a parcel of the puzzle, as Hutchison Telecom has operations in a number of Asian markets. HTX isn’t the meaning to enter into this market, as they are looking to sell off the Hutchison Essar division, for 14 billion USD. Maxis Communications BHD [5051.KU], U.S. private-equity kingdom Texas Pacific Quota [TPG.XX], Vodafone Plenty PLC (VOD), India’s Reliance Communications Ltd. [532712.BY], and India’s Essar Quota are among those interested in buying the native land. Whoever buys this division will ease from the strong market presence, GMS capability and duration practicable. A kingdom with a mini footprint in the cellular market is Mahanagar Ring Nigam Ltd (MTE), which trades in ADRs on the NYSE. Unfortunately, they have a petty market presence (2.3 million subscribers) and offer cellular servicing only in Delhi and Mumbai. Land-line call services bring in the majority of their revenue. Revenue from mobile services only brought in 10% of their revenue in the persist fiscal year. Between March and November,

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