Boundary Law in Ontario

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Contents Boundary law in Ontario Benefits of a Mathematical Co-Ordinate based Cadastre Characteristics of Boundary Law in Other Jurisdictions References

Boundary law in Ontario

The word boundary means a line that cannot be crossed. This line could be a tangible one or a non-tangible one. Our world is all about boundaries. Boundaries are what keep the human race civilized and organized. (Kaufmann & Steudler, 1998) There are quite a few boundaries set by the law – discussed and adopted by the citizens or the representative of the people. The boundaries for land reservation are set for various reasons. It could be to protect people from damage during disasters or it could be to avert certain areas to be left construction free. The problem arises when the definition of a boundary varies because of the kind or the principle of the boundary it really is and refer to. The boundary law of Ontario has quite a few aspects that need to be considered before it follows the trend of a mathematical coordinate based cadaster. One of the issues, that needs reflection on is that whether it is technically plausible. Can a coordinates – only structure really be put in place? The control monuments, datum adjustments,technical capacity, stability of the earth’s crust and the accuracy[PS1]standards can be put under one umbrella. According to a report written by Dr. Brian Ballantyneon the technical, social and legal implications of using coordinates-only to define boundaries the[PS2] earlier traditional survey practices used to entail dense monumentation. Trying to reduce the chances[PS3] of errors and keeping in sight the technical limitations what happened was that there were[PS4] monuments being founded in every 200 to 800[PS5] meters in urban areas[PS6] . The hindsight of this decision was that there were severalvast provincial networks encompassing tens of thousands of points of varying degrees of accuracy[PS7]. Now with the GPS receivers in use – it would seem that there would be more[PS8] clarity and better results however the it is only possible to accurately survey baselines up to 20-30[PS9] kilometers. If the distance goes above 30 kilometers, several factors are still to consider like the satellite geometry, which must be ideal. (Four Point Learning, 2014) The report furthergoes on to say that[PS10]“a co-ordinate based cadastre, referenced to NAD83 (CSRS), could be initiated under the present configuration. Unfortunately, if there is no further densification of control monuments based in NAD83 (CSRS), the distance between monuments may preclude or limit the use of traditional survey methods[PS11].” It is common knowledge that Canada is given in to horizontal displacement of the crust. The rate at which this displacement happens varies throughout the country. If there areboundaries marked with monuments – there will be a[PS12]constantdeformation over time[PS13]. There have been many studies in New Zealand on the same and most of themconclude that coordinates cannot be definitive without modeling the dynamics of both the[PS14]cadasterand the coordinate system[PS15]. (Four Point Learning, 2014)

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