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The Boston Massacre: Big Event in American History

The Boston Massacre, also known as the Incident on King Street by the British, was a big event in American History. It was a street riot that occured on King Street between a patriot mob and British soldiers. This disaster occured on March 5, 1770. Although it was a somewhat fast event, the tension building […]

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The Boston Massacre Event

The Boston Massacre         The Boston Massacre took place in 1770 outside the Boston Customs House. More than one hundred Bostonians confronted a band of nine British soldiers near a sentry box outside the Boston Customs House (Gale, 1999). Tensions between the Bostonians and the British soldiers rose, and the British ended up fatally wounding five […]

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Boston Massacre: Another American Revolution

On the fifth of March, 1770, a patriot mob began to harass a British sentry outside the Custom House on King Street in Boston, Massachusetts. As the harassment escalated, Captain Thomas Preston was called for backup. During the confrontation, among the shouts and yelling, there were cries for the squad to “fire!”. The squad responded […]

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History Of The Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770, colonists in the town of Boston decided that they wanted no more of the British soldiers on their street corners and doorsteps, and they took action (John Adams, Architect of American Government). What started that day as the seemingly harmless throwing of snowballs and calling of names resulted in anger building […]

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A Horror Of The Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770, British troops fired into a crowd of Bostonians, killing three civilians immediately and injuring eight more. Two of the wounded died from their injuries soon thereafter. This event was quickly dubbed the Boston Massacre by Americans critiquing the British for imposing taxes and stationing troops in the colonies. Historians still have […]

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An Impact Of The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre had a big impact on American history, because of  how it started, with many fights, too many taxes, too many laws and too many expenses, what happened during the massacre,with the killing and injuring of colonists and British soldiers, and because of what happened afterwards, with the British troops leaving Boston, and […]

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