Bordwell Thompson and Smith Story

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These scenes convey the viewers; vision has to be shared to find that person with similar vision to fulfill the dream. As Bordwell, Thompson, and Smith write, the filmmaker use rhythm in sound and image often to coordinate the visible movement and sound closely (282). When Carl and Ellie get married, montages of the scene only 5 to 10 second in length are strung together to show their life together in fast-forward.

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The music is bright and cheerful with a lively tempo when they get married, but in the end, when Ellie dies, the music slows down significantly, even going down an octave from the usual. The music holds this scene together because it tells us nothing new is happening and we are still watching the couple grow up together. Without the music, the viewer would take a few seconds to think about and analyze the new scene and what it was about.

Whereas music helps to interpret the visual movement, building the romantic relationship effectively and understandable to the viewers. The mise-en-scene takes place when the Ellie have miscarriage and music get slowed down. The director uses backlighting in this scene to project the picture in the background and connect with Ellie miscarriage situation. Direction of light shows the picture of a baby in the womb that emphasizes the situation of Ellie miscarriage, which informs the viewers they are not going to have a baby. These situations convey the audience; in life, there will be a difficult situation and sad moment to go through.

As Bordwell, Thompson, and Smith write, “the sound from the previous scene tells the viewers in the image is already presenting the next scene (298). In Up, the sound begins to slow down in Ellie miscarriage scene; sound informs the viewer in the image that they are disappointed and sad for miscarriage. The music also informs the audience that they will spend sad and emotional situation until their new hope grows. The filmmaker uses adventure books to remind the Ellie, their dream, place their house beside the paradise fall. In the scene, when Carl shows adventure book to Ellie, the sound goes up, and the image shift from sad to excite moment.

The sound helps to create visual moment excite and hopeful,

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