Black Lives Matter Against Police Brutality

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African Americans have suffered at the hands of law enforcement for far too long. Black Lives Matter is a movement created to bring awareness to police brutality and diminish it. In Dani McClain’s article, Black Lives Matter: What Comes After the Hashtag?, she proceeds to discuss how social media sparked the BLM movement and all of the campaigns that were created to help those oppressed by the law.

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Similar to this, in Josh Bowers’ article, Annoy No Cop, he explains how the enemy in this play are the officers themselves. Although Bowers’ does make a reasonable argument, he seems a bit too close minded, whereas McClain stands with the BLM movement and discusses the positive impact it has on those that have suffered loss.

In Bowers’ article, he argues that officers are exercising their power over the people. He touches on the Black Lives Matter Movement, but he does not go into detail about what it has done to benefit African Americans; he mostly discusses the downsides of the law between a civilian and a law enforcement official. He explains this by saying :if the officer’s legal and factual mistakes are deemed reasonable, then his conduct -the arrest- is constitutional. In turn, I am subjected to a different constraint. and in public, possess no open containers of something that an officer reasonably could believe to be alcohol (even if it not) in a manner he reasonably could believe violates the law (even if it does not). The end result is that the officer has the opportunity to arrest me with neither sufficient proof of a criminal act not even an applicable criminal statue.

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