Black Inventors of the Nineteenth and the Twentieth Century during the Age of Segregation

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The African Americans of today come from a line of great men and women, with great minds and great skills backing up their present lives. African Americans also brought about the creation of a great many technology before they were freed from the slavery imposed upon them by the Whites in the America. The inventors in this particular race were creative and hardworking, the things that they created brought about the further invention of a great number of things, their inventions ranging from creation of early security systems to the creation of machines to help the collection of cotton or help in washing of clothes)..

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The Condition of Blacks in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century

The African Americans continued to suffer even after the civil war and even after the burden of slavery had been removed from their heads and the cause of this struggle was the neglect from the government and the law institutes that were responsible for ensuring that the congress’s amendment’s introduction in the constitution was followed by the masses and by the public and private institutes within the country. The white American made sure that he was at the top of the chain and if that meant that he would prohibit others from empowering the blacks by educating them (be they slaves or independent blacks), so be it.

Regardless of the presence of amendments that granted every African American not only the legal right to stay in America, the right to vote in America and the right to equal opportunities, there was no change in the living statuses of the people from this race. The people

of this race were separated from the whites with the use of laws imposed like the Jim Crow law that made sure that there was a visible divide between the people of different races. As per the law, there were separate placements for the black and white, this law changed the revolution that was visible after the civil war and made the divide a wider chasm then it really was after the Civil war’s end; in this sense the absence of a law like Jim Crow would have resulted in faster acceptance of African Americans in the American society. Thanks to the law, the blacks got treated like substandard human beings by the whites in the country.

If the facilities and opportunities provided to this race were to be taken into consideration for the sake of comparison, one would see that the blacks were given the short end of the stick. Going back to the level of school education, the schools for black were far and few with the type of education being provided as mediocre as possible,

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