Black Death – Causes, Symptoms & Impact

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The Black Plague, The Bubonic Plague, or The Black Death, whatever you would like to call it, its horribleness will never change. The effect of this horrible plague put on our world will never be forgotten. The Black Death swept across a large part of the world starting in Asia to quickly find its way to the countries in Europe.

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It was completely unexpected and so abrupt people believed it was a dark spirit coming to make them pay for their sins. Traveling by the carrier, this infection was incurable at the time. It went away after a few years but came back a few times, due to the unsanitary terrain. (Bell, Katie. Fowler, Dave. 🙂 Almost immediately after the plague was identified it quickly spread across Europe with no stop. People fled from the disease hoping to find a safe place but failed that task to only find more death and tragedy. Lots of people secretly think in fear that the Black Death might someday come back again. Their idea is that with climate change and global warming there will be no sanitary place on earth left, leading to more diseases such as the bubonic plague except when it comes back it will never leave.

As I said, the reason or place that the plague would resurface would be because of uncleanness in an unsanitary place. The plague is spread by filthy rats or fleas traveling from city to city or human to human. In the end, the disease was carried by none other than a living host. The key things to stopping this horrible thing from resurfacing would be to keep trying to grow and save our one and only earth.

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