Bilbo From Homer’s The Odyssey

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In Homer’s The Odyssey, the main focus is not the Trojan War, but the main character’s, Odysseus’, journey back to Ithaca. The journey shows how Odysseus develops many skills, and becomes more wise and understanding. He swallows his pride and arrogance because those traits are what have caused his cursed journey from Poseidon.

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His journey is both physically and mentally demanding, and the main focus of a journey is what caused these character developments. In many other works of literature, a journey is the central focus and helps develop the character in certain ways. In J. R. R. Tolkien’s, The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is presented a journey to retrieve the dwarves’ treasure from Smaug. When Baggins accomplished the quest, his character had developed in many ways. The journey was what developed his character, and it was what added to the story as a whole.

Bilbo shows traits of cowardice and reluctancy, but shows traces of adventurousness. Later in the story, when Bilbo finds the ring of invisibility, he also meets Gollum who presents a sort of test. Gollum challenges Bilbo with riddles, and Bilbo is shown to be clever with riddles as well. As Bilbo escapes with the ring, he leaves Gollum alive instead of killing him because he believes it is unfair. This shows that Bilbo is both clever and kind. This character development shapes the character that Bilbo becomes, and alters people’s views of him in the story.

Later when Bilbo kills the giants spider without the help of his travel mates, he states that he feels,[Like] a different person,

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