The Biggest Military Figure Of Ancient History

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To people, Alexander the Great was granted as one of the biggest military figure of our ancient history. He was defined to strive for greatness at a very young age by his father Philip II. Alexander was born in July of 356 BC in Pella Greece.

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His father’s name was Philip II of Macedon, and his mother’s name was Olympias. Alexander’s mother had a dominant role in his life. Due to his father, not being around a lot because of the military campaigns and his other business. His main idol was his mother, even though his dad did have an impact on him with sending him to many teachers to educate him. Alexander was married three different times. That to Roxana from 327-323 BC, Stateira II from 324-323 BC, and Parysatis II from 324-323 BC. His parents were a huge impact to him growing up. He had a physique of an athlete. He was very skilled at hunting.

At the age of 12, Alexander had proven to his father that his greatness told by Plutarch showed his skills with many horses by training the untamable horses. One horse named Bucephalus was known for eating the flesh of the people that had tried to tame or even ride him. When Alexander took over and decided to ride him, he had done no such harm to Alexander. The horse was gifted by his father who was later dumbfounded because nothing had happened when Alexander rode him. Philip II had later educated Alexander by one of the finest teachers, Aristotle. He had taught Alexander at the age of 13, many ways of education which had later have a major impact on his life with many different situations. For example, he taught him science, poetry, drama, politics and many more. Philip had tried to raise his on with everything that he had known. As Philip went on a conquest to Persia, young Alexander was commanded the Macedonian left wing and annihilated the Scared Band of Thebans.

Two years later in 336 BC, Philip II was murdered. They said that a young noble in Philip’s personal bodyguard was the one to pull a small weapon under his cloak and stabbed him in his heart which had killed him in a heartbeat. Many had said that Olympias was the one that had set up his death, but I could not later be proved. As the death is over with, Alexander had come to take over throne and became the King.

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