Big 4 Snacks – Business Plan

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Big 4 Snacks Business Plan   Confidentiality Agreement Executive Summary Business Description Mission Values Integrity Professionalism Goals Marketing Plan Target Market Market Size and Market Share Competition Marketing Strategy Product Strategy Promotion Strategy Pricing Strategy Distribution Strategy Location Management Organisational structure Financial Plan Critical Risks Competition Economic changes/trade cycles Interest rates Standards of living Summary

Executive Summary

The year 2014 marks the birth of a small, promising company which was founded by four members aiming to be the leader in providing biscuits to other retailers as well as final consumers. At present, the company buy its stock form One up Wholesaler which is located in the central suburbs of Cape Town. The company would like to register its business with the respective authorities and achieve a legal business status. The company aims to grow in the near future to the extent of becoming the manufacturer of its own products and supplying to retail shops as to the customers. This will be achieved by the company through taking a loan for the bank to purchase industrial biscuit making ovens hence the ability to produce the products in bulk. Having been started by four members, the members have equal shares in the business.

Business Description

The Big 4 Snacks is a small company that was started by four members namely Cumani Nako, Rhandzeka Mawuku, Rampai Mokomatsilili and Tinashe Munyuki. The company’s main core business entails selling Snack (biscuits and sweets) in the Western Cape Province. Mission We aim to provide the best Snacks to our valued customers at moderate prices. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, employees as well as the society at large. Values: We have our own unique values which defines our business. These include: Integrity- we believe that the value of being honest in business operations; be it with customers, suppliers, employees, among other business stakeholders, overrides the need for profit making as creating good reputation in the market can lead to endless sales volumes. Professionalism- we take all our transactions with our key stakeholders in a professional manner, creating a strong bond with them hence enhancing the growth of our business in the market. Goals- the Big 4 Snacks aims to achieve the following objectives:

Short term goals (2014- mid 2015)

  • To increase the company’s sales by 5%over a period of two months.
  • Create a website for the company.

Medium term (2015-mid 2016)

  • Acquire two ovens for making biscuits.
  • Purchase office furniture: –

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