Better Time Management Skills

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Time management is important in a world where time is equivalent to money. Time management is something that can be controlled by each individual. The way time is directed puts different things into perspective for each individual.

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When used properly, time has allotted you to get everything you need done, with leftover time for leisure. This makes for long, sporadic days to be more organized and well prepped. Without deadlines, the chaos that comes from unorganized and late people can cause people to be frustrated, stressed, and not accomplish anything. Time management helps those who have regiment in their life. It keeps everything on a scheduled balance track when life gets hectic. My time management skills will get better by putting a proactive plan in place and making new changes to routines to make timeliness achievable to further my success.

One way that time management affects people is during the regular work week. The time allotted for someone to complete daily tasks could become more difficult and executed to a later extent then intended in the first place. Life without any form of organization is very stressful and less productive. Time is what everyone does not have enough of. There are only twenty four hours in one day. Some people think that twenty four hours in one day is just not enough. It is very easy to come to that conclusion when people go through daily responsibilities without a plan. Once a plan is made and a day is organized people will instantly see the benefits of time management. Most of the frustrating situations can be avoided with effective planning and organizing techniques. I am in the works of buying a new planner and meeting with LaShawn, my academic success coach, to help straighten myself out.

Another issue is that people lack of prioritizing their days. Others have trouble tackling daily task because of the fact that they try to take on too many task at one time, and finally there are some people that just waste their time doing nothing because of pure laziness. Now more than ever time is becoming one of our most valued resources that are wasted because people don’t know how to properly manage their time wisely.

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