Betrayal in Julius Caesar

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We saw a lot of betrayal in the movie of Julius Caesar, the main point in the movie was the plot to kill Caesar by Brutus, who was once thought to be his friend. This wasn’t the only instance of betrayal there are many more such as, Cassius, who was jealous of Caesar’s power, and Marc Antony, who stayed true to Caesar but was disloyal to Brutus. Betrayal was a big part of the whole movie and showed what it had been like to have power back then.

Another instance of Betrayal I didn’t mention before is when Caesar betrayed his wife Calpurnia when he had an affair with Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen. When Pompey fled to Egypt Caesar followed him to make things right, but when he arrived there, he found that the Egyptians had cut off Pompey’s head and put it in a box. Caesar was disappointed, while he was in his room, a servant came and asked to speak to Caesar, the servant was actually Cleopatra in a disguise; she seduced Caesar and thus began the affair. Soon he and Cleopatra had a son named Caesarion, he and Cleopatra returned to Rome and started his short-lived life with Cleopatra. Leading into Brutus’s Betraying skills.

Upon caesar’s return, he was warned to beware of the ides of march by a soothsayer,; he dismissed the warning, but soon after his ex-wife Calpurnia had a dream he had been killed, she went to warn Caesar. Although still he dismissed it. He should have listened to all the warnings because, Cassius had started a plot against the dictator and Brutus had joined in on it gathering as many other Senators as they could. Caesar going into the meeting had dismissed his guards, the Senators approached the Caesar to supposedly take care of a manner of business but soon after the assassination began.

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