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College essay topics to write about Children Development

Introduction “Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and youth” (Ginsberg, 2007, p. 182). Play is so important to children’s development is that it has been recognised as being of vital importance by the United Nations (1989), as it makes a contribution to the […]

The Doctrine of Ultra Vires under Malaysian Company Law

Discuss the doctrine of ultra vires and its effect in Malaysian Company Law. According to s18 Contract Act 1965, every company formed should have a memorandum printed and divided into paragraph and with the date stated. In s18 (b) Contract Act 1965, it shows that the requirement of the Memorandum of Association (M/A) required a […]

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Contract Law in Malaysia

Question (a): Introduction Contract is an agreement that leads to legally binding and legally enforceable between both parties, as stated by (Latimer, pg275). It is crucial to understand the meaning of “contracts”, without an agreement which legally binds and enforced, there would be no business. In Malaysia, there is contract law in a statute, the […]

The Regulatory Framework of Mauritius

Table of Contents What do you consider to be the best regulatory framework for Mauritius? Regulatory Framework of Mauritius A unified regulatory body (Single Peak) A unified regulatory framework may also give rise to some difficulties. A non-unified regulatory body (Twin Peaks) What are the main recommendations of the steering committee on the establishment of […]

Operations management of Coca Cola: Applying the model

Essay for Operations Management CONTENTS ChapterPage 1. Summary3 2. Introduction4 3. First main section5 4. Second main section8 5. Conclusions10 6. References11 7. Appendices12 1 SUMMARY 1.1 Coca Cola is one of the most valuable and well known retailers in the world. The secret to its success comes from its focus on its supply chain, […]

Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd (1897) AC 22 – Case Law Analysis

Case Analysis Salomon v. A Salomon & Co. (1897) AC 22 This is the foundational case and precedence for the doctrine of corporate personality and the judicial guide to lifting the corporate veil. The doctrine of separate legal entity was originated from this case. The House of Lords in the Salomon case affirmed the legal principle that, […]