Benjamin Franklin: An American Hero

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The lightning rod, bifocal glasses, swim fins, glass harmonica, urinary catheter, and Franklin stove. The first political cartoon. Poor Richardr’s Almanack. The first U.S. Postmaster General. One of the five drafters of the Declaration of Independence. This vast array of contributions by Benjamin Franklin leaves no wonder as to why his face is on the $100 bill or a namesake to many commercial establishments and schools today. His prevalence in todayr’s society serves as a constant reminder of his commitment and service to the American people.

Many of us know Benjamin Franklin as one of the most well-rounded and revered men in American history. He was a blacksmith, printer, writer, scientist, inventor, diplomat, politician, Freemason, and founding father of the United States of America. His vast expanse of knowledge stemmed from his intellectual curiosity, some of which came from an internal drive and some from the period of Enlightenment thought. While this inquiry led him into these many fields, none have so highlighted his desire to serve those in his community like his experiments and inventions in science. His selfless demeanor shined as a beacon during a time when 18th-century America was struggling and in need of a leader; it was these inventions of Benjamin Franklinr’s that helped secure his role in politics and as the future founding father of America.

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Born on January 6, 1706, in Boston, Benjamin Franklin was the eighth child of Josiah Franklin (1657-1745) and Abiah Folger (1667-1752). While his mother was from Nantucket, his father was an immigrant from England, arriving just 23 years earlier. Benjamin grew up in a deeply religious family”he was baptized on the day of his birth. His father even offered young Benjamin as a tithe to God and had him attend Boston Grammar School. However, upon learning of Benr’s intellectual curiosity and limit-pushing nature, Josiah decided to withdraw him and have him attend Brownellr’s English School. Attending school turned out to be a challenge because the Franklinr’s had ten children to take care of,

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