Benefits Ralph To Hear Every Voices

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There are many leaders in the world, but only a small percentage can actually lead. The book, Lord of the Flies, is a novel written by William Golding. The story is about a group of young British boys who have experienced a plane crash.

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And as a result, they end up on an unknown, uninhabited island, and they stay on the island for quite a long time before they get rescued by a British navy officer. During their time on the island, they are threatened by the imaginary beastie. With the threat of the beast, it changes how the two leaders of the boys, Ralph and Jack, lead their own groups. Throughout the story, Ralph and Jack both lead very differently, and they both have great qualities for being a great leader. Overall, Ralph is a better leader than Jack because he understands people’s needs thoroughly and he also establishes rules to organize his group.

Ralph is a better leader than Jack because he understands the needs of his people thoroughly. After the election of the leaders, Ralph wins and he notices that Jack is upset because not only does he lose the election but also he loses the power that he had over the choir boys. By understanding Jack’s need, he knows that he is in charge of the choir, so he lets [the choir] be what [Jack wants] them to be (Golding 23). By knowing and understanding Jack’s strong desire for power, he shares some power with Jack to satisfy him. This demonstrates that Ralph can understand what Jack needs, and he provides him with a solution.

Later, when Ralph calls for the assembly to address some problems that they have, he brings up the need of the shelters, because if it rains like when [they] dropped in [they’ll] need shelters all right (Golding 52). Here, Ralph wants to build shelters for his people to prevent them from getting the rains, and he also wants to make the littluns to feel safe so they don’t get nightmares that often. The littluns will also feel protected from the beast. Ralph knows what the needs of his people and the littluns are, therefore he provides them with a solution which is building a shelter. Understanding people’s needs is important because if the leader doesn’t solve the problem that the people want him to solve, then he won’t be a great leader. Here, Ralph not only understands his people’s need but he also provide them with the solution by building shelters. Ralph really illustrates that he understands his people, therefore Ralph is a better leader.

Besides being able to understand his people’s needs thoroughly, Ralph is also being able to establish rules to organize his group, another crucial skill that a great leader should have.

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