Benefits of Organic Food

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If consumers are not careful, buying groceries can be dangerous. The countless pesticides and GMOs found in grocer’s processed foods may be causing more harm than good, with chemicals included in these products that can cause adverse health effects. Solutions to this overwhelming problem may be found no farther than the organic section of your local grocery store.

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In the past few years, multitudes of people have begun to eliminate the harmful and chemicals and from their daily diet, and the benefits are starting to show. This is beginning to make organic food extremely high in demand. Purchasing organic food is the best way to keep toxins out of your body, prevent adverse life threatening consequences, and protecting our environment for the future. Making organic food more easily accessible and more cost effective to the masses will strongly increase our quality of life and ensure the health and safety of the population as a whole. Although organic food is not uncommon, precautions to guarantee quality for our food are not taken lightly.

Food that is organic is produced by farmers who do not use the following: pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, and ionizing radiation. These farmers want to emphasize the use of renewable sources and maintaining environmental quality and growth for future generations. With food that is to be considered organic, there are three different categories that are acquired- 100% organic ingredients, 95% organic ingredients, and a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, excluding water and salt (Foerstel Design). Food that is in the 70% category is required to be labeled as made with organic food, rather than strictly organic. However, food may only be labelled as organic if a government certified inspector visits farms and factories that would be handling such food, to ensure all qualifications apply. Organizations managing organic food must pass inspection for the food to be considered USDA certified. This is extremely important to secure quality and keep dangerous chemicals out of our food ( According to researchers at The University of Washington, pesticide poisoning can strongly affect everyone’s quality of life. Studies taken by these researchers of pesticide poisoning have been focused on people whose occupation has them regularly exposed to these chemicals.

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