Benefiting From Open Source Servers

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 The highest aim of the thesis is to consult the open source servers and knowing out their benefits in business industry. Owing to the extensive development of technology, it is high time to consider the best to be done to sustain and improve the businesses. The primary aim of a business person is not just bringing revenue for him/herself, but to look at long-term growth, one has to focus on achieving customers needs, being able to resolve issues in a sophisticated manner and keep the technology used in the business premises to be updated. The commanding tools are near to authority and privation. The only for database management systems (DBMS’s), there seems to be good market as of the open source products are used in organization, that includes business�critical analysis models such as online travel booking, management of client inventories for telecommunications, etc. (Yuhanna, 2006) ( Christian Thomsen and Torben Bach Pedersen,2009).Business can be of small scale or medium scale or large scale. Irrespective of the type of business, computing system can play a vital role in business, though the type and intensity of computing system technology required and used may vary. As the business grow, the demand for the technology also rise which leaves a platform for the computing system to play a lead role. Increase in the size of the industry needs more manpower and more hours of labour. This increased labour cost can be kept in control by adapting modern technologies in business world. This literature review should enable us to understand the importance of the open source servers and its importance in today’s business world.


An open source server is described as a system where we can find a large number of computers and their suitable applications, their associated applications with normal database. Open source servers play an important position in business. The early development of open source servers is called as the Grid system. As the technological improvement in information technology is increasing, there should be kept more focus on information systems and the websites. As the term web had achieved the standard area where the developers are tested, while information system is being developing by the help of service-oriented architectures (SOA). The improvement is expandable, which makes hard to executive the limitations between the enterprise management services and internet services. These developed techniques can be able to visible to the organizations to bring out their business online. Business can be of can be handled by single or with multiple members or clients as we can spell them as partnerships method. In this type of methods, the private business processes can be displayed or captured by the partners via public composite web applications. This helps the new business partners to receive some guidance on how to handle the work and also provide solutions for any technical troubles such as security and application conception.As we know that the top organizations just like Apple,IBM, and Microsoft got the direct proportion between the innovations and the stability of the firm.

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