Being Transgender And Being Transracial

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Over the years gender has been a problem in our society that we cannot avoid. We live in a society based on two and only two sex categories (male and female) leading to sex itself being a socially constructed category. Gender refers to the socially constructed characteristic of men and women, such as roles, norms and relationships of and between them.

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Many questions come into play on what does sex mean in terms of your gender role as a man or a woman? Betsy Lucal writes about her lived experiences with gender bending, where a person’s physical appearance does not fit in the two acceptable sex categories and whether you try not to do gender, others will do it for you. This paper illustrates why I agree with Lucal’s argument, an objection to Lucal’s argument and being transgender doesn’t mean you can be transracial.

First and Foremost, according to Lucal’s argument of gender being persistent in our society to where we cannot avoid it, is very true. Men are known to be strong individuals who support and defend their families, whereas; women are gentle, motherly, kind and giving. The two genders are believed to be separate with different traits and born with different qualities. This is not true because as a culture we have established and defined these gender roles over times which seems natural to us now. There are many ladies with masculine features and at first sight, the casual observer may carelessly assign them to the opposite gender; the case is replicated among the males who do not have the perceived masculine features. Both men and women have body hair and while it is regular for the male to keep the hair, females get rid of it. There are women who don’t want to get rid of their hair but does that make them not a woman anymore? Lucal experienced this dilemma and more daily which is very disturbing to her.

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