Being Raise In Poverty

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Ideally, giving birth to a child should be beneficial to the parents life as well as society; however, financially underprivileged teenagers are becoming pregnant without the benefit of marriage or completed education. Many of these women can either, not afford or are unwilling to purchase contraceptives; their children suffer the consequences. Organizations like Planned Parenthood help by contributing free contraceptives to minors, but few are capable of getting to a location to receive that help.

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The majority of these women are finding themselves and their children existing in a vicious cycle of poverty. A plentitude of financially-handicapped women end up, essentially, on their own due to lack of commitment from the child’s father or support of one’s family and are totally responsible for the burden of parenthood. Twin Cities Urban Coalition stated, In the ’80s, one in nine children were growing up in a single parent family. [Then], in the ’90s one in six children lives in a single parent home, usually the mother’s. Poor single parents and their children face many adversities in society, and solutions need to be explored and put into action.

Many complications arise when poor women, without a primary group, have no means to pay for proper prenatal care. [A] primary group is usually fairly small and is made up of individuals who generally engage face-to-face in long-term emotional ways, (Openstax 118). This support would be there to help them take precautionary steps allow the way of pregnancy, due to the emotional nature it has on the individual. Proper prenatal care is essential to the health and well being of the mother and child. Without this care, the mother and child both run the risk of future complications. The 1990 United States Census, Kids Count data concluded, Babies born to mothers that were poor during pregnancy are more likely to have birth weights of less than five pounds, suffer mental disabilities, be physically disabled, and even death. In many situations, the poor woman’s ignorance of her own body leaves her unaware that she has become pregnant. In cases such as those, many women unknowingly disobey the norms usually followed by expectant women and continue to use drugs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and continue with an unhealthy lifestyle, while the developing embryo lies helpless in the womb, subject to their mother’s unawareness.

A large number of children begin their lives with the variable of being poor, having many physical and mental obstacles to overcome. A study done at Guam University provides evidence that growing up poor in the United States causes the development of a theoretical perspective: Low birth weights of infants indicate that poverty generally has a negative effect on children physically, and in addition, affects the children’s emotional and intellectual development. The study also states, Children living in poverty are most at risk of being abused,

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