Beaumont Community Players Production of Young Frankenstein

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My family attended the production of Young Frankenstein, a theatrical performance produced by the Beaumont Community Players in Beaumont, Texas. This theatrical piece was chosen as a critique because the children’s best friend performed in Young Frankenstein. It was an unusual and interesting performance, but this was performed very well by the cast.

Young Frankenstein is a theatrical musical based on the Frederick Frankenstein and he is ashamed to be a Frankenstein, insisting that his name to be pronounced “Frankenstein” and that he is not a madman but, rather, a scientist. He then lectures his students about the greatest mind of science (“The Brain”). After learning that he has inherited his grandfather’s castle in Transylvania, he is forced to resolve the issue of the property. As Elizabeth Benning, Frederick’s fiance, sees him off, it is clear that their relationship is far from physical as Elizabeth enumerates all the lustful situations from which she is abstaining (“Please Don’t Touch Me”).

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The set design is extremely effective, and the black cut out background suggests turrets and a lighted outline added another layer. The sky, with stars and moon, is lovely in its simplicity. Lots of lightening adds to the show’s gloomy atmospheric feel. From the contemporary but cartoony set to the black-and-white color scheme that encompasses everything. This musical takes a lot of material directly from the movie, and a lot of the humor is sophomoric, but it is deftly delivered.

It was one of the best shows ever seen, so funny, the place was screeching with laughter. The cast was fantastic, especially Igor,

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