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Table of Contents Introduction2 Task 1a:3 Task 1b:8 Task 1c:12 Task 2a:13 Task 2b:15 Task 2c:17 Conclusion20 References21 Introduction Vinamilk is the symbol of success of public company in Vietnam. Many reasons are given to explain the success. In this assignment, by combining theory and reality of Vianmilk, I will try to explain for success of Vinamilk. I will mention to stakeholders of Vinamilk, I will evaluate the mutual influence between Vinamilk and stakeholders; what stakeholders hope from Vinamilk; what Vinamilk hope from stakeholders; how to both them make them satisfy mutually. After that, I will evaluate the effect of government on operation of company; how to company respond the requirement well. Although it is not an easy task, I hope I can complete well in assignment below. Task 1a: You are required to identify the mission, values and objectives of selected organization and assess the influence of stakeholders. Vinamilk is one of the local big companies in Vietnam. Their brand has become the habitual milk brand for customers in Vietnam market. The values of Vianmilk have affirmed for during a long time. Vinamilk builds missions, objects for company to continue developing in the future. Both of below information is taken from Vinamilk’s website. ? Mission: Vinamilk continues to expand its existing geographical coverage and product portfolios to maintain its[1]. ? Objectives: The objectives of the Company are to continually develop production, trading and service operations in its fields of business in order to maximize profits for Shareholders and to enhance the value of the Company; to never stop improving the lives, working conditions, and income of its employees; and to fulfill its tax obligations to the State. Additionally, Vinamilk connects the processing industry with the development of raw material zones with the aim of building a more independent source of raw materials now and in the future[2]. | | |Values : | | | |Vinamilk wish to be the most favorite product in all areas, territories. Therefore, we meditate that quality and creation is the | |companion of Vinamilk. Vinamilk considers customers our focus and commit to meet all demands of customers[3] | | | | | | | | | |There are three types of stakeholder who have influence on company. | | | | | Figure1. The influence of stakeholders on Vinamilk Internal stakeholders : Connected stakeholders : External stakeholders As we see from illustration, we can see the close relationship between Vinamilk and three kinds of stakeholder. They influence not only in company but also mutually. Internal stakeholders play an important role Inside the Company. They are the life of Vinamilk. They include managers and employees. They have to close connection so if they can cooperate together well the system of company can run efficiently. Therefore, vinamilk has to concentrate on developing this relationship. Besides, they want to have good work environment. They only work well if they work in good environment. Both of them join in all activities in company so they are the people who make decision the success or unsuccessful of Vinamilk.

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