Battered Women Fight Back

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Battered Women Fight Back! Agency * Stacey Kabat founded the Battered Women Fight back! non-profit organization in Boston, Massachusettes, in November 1992 * BWFB! started out primarily as a prison support group for battered women however over the years, the group’s primary goal has evolved to provide educational materials and services designed to increase public awareness of the problems facing battered women and what could be done to ameliorate the situation. * BWFB! s locally and nationally recognized organization including such prestigious awards like the 1993 Americas best run charity, 1992 reebok award and 1994 oscar * By 1994 BWFB! had done great at the task of generating high volume of interest among the common public against domestic violence indicated by surge in phone calls and requests for educational information and materials had quadrupled. * BWFB! operates on a shoestring budget of $150,000 * Primary source of funding for the agency includes foundations (e. . Public Welfare foundation) which is about 58% and the remaining sources of revenue is from sponsorship events (20%), corporate grants (14%), and donors (8%) * BWFB! has only 3 full time, 3 part time employees and a group of volunteer employees and lacks structure and operations strategy * The founder, Stacy Kabat has in depth experience in domestic violence and international social work but lacks necessary business and management experience. SWOT Analysis:

STRENGTHS * A great idea for the betterment of basic human rights * A visionary well known leader * Rising public interest in the agency * Celebrity connections * Untapped financial resources| WEAKNESSES * Very weak financial position * Inexperienced management * No apparent succession plan * Not leveraged corporate and celebrity connections * One-dimensional distribution channels| OPPORTUNITIES * Improved marketing strategies * Celebrity endorsements * Alternative inexpensive channels of distribution available| THREATS * Going out of business due to insufficient funding * Loss of importance as a social responsibility| PROBLEM/DECISION TO BE MADE:

Stacy Kabat has to decide on the future course of action to continue the mass spread awareness of domestic violence against women both on a national and international scale and also develop a strategy to enable this organization to become financially stable for long term sustainment of this agency.

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