Barriers in marketing new monitoring technology in corporate world

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Monitoring products have become a vital part of the organization that is doing business in the corporate world and in the innovative era. The devices provide an efficient and effective output to the firm and acting as a major component in order to counter check the employee’s performance as well but for every action there is a reaction and this reaction is the opposing force for innovation or automation. The opposing factors also arises when these monitoring devices marketed in the corporate world in the form of marketing barriers i-e lack of communication, lack of awareness, Wrong targeted market .Other then that the marketing Stimuli which are product, price, place, promotion and other internal and external stimuli also plays a vital role on the buyers response towards a particular product or brand..

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The customer(Employer / Management) due to buying a selective category product i-e Employee Monitoring devices tried his level best to go for only such solution which suits most to his demand and it would be the art of marketer that what value he provides to the customer and how he markets his product. The basic factor for going towards such purchase is because the employer is majorly concern with the time allocating by the employee or workers and how his outcome would be more enhanced “What average attendance is desirable in given occupations in a given environmental conditions. What are the expected individual variations from this average? “(RB Buzzard) It can only be found by Employee monitoring systems but employee oppose for these devices as well because it hits their privacy and increase their punctuality .The opposing factors can be removed by targeting the right person , initiating the awareness of the product and creating a good perception among the management and in order to have good response from employees the bad perception of monitoring devices must drive in a good segment that if these products hits the privacy but on the other hand the salary is very much safe and accurate due to computerized system involvement as well as efficient work of the employee by the enforcement of monitoring devices also promote the employees or workers towards promotions and bonuses as well if they work in efficient and effective manner. Perhaps if these devices have advantages majorly but in the same way they have some disadvantages as well like privacy distortion etc but on average the advantages are ignorable if we compared to the positive outputs of these devices and the target market is accepting its necessity.


1.1 Introduction

Marketing is the soul part of the business as the marketing concept develops gradually in the same way the barrier or hurdles in the marketing are developed parallel as well.

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