Baptist Student Union

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The room was alive with pure excitement and wonder over the show that was about to start. Ticket collectors were stationed, in full costume of whatever show they were from of course, to make sure everyone took the correct seats. The Jones Performing Arts Center is adorned with bright red seats and silky grey carpet that give it a Broadway feel.

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Xylo bands were distributed to each waiting audience member who was confused yet delighted all at once. The room slowly dimmed and the loud noises slowly faded into murmurs that fizzled into nothingness. Ouachita Baptist was kicking off their homecoming weekend with the most anticipated completion on campus, Tiger Toons.

Located about an hour and a half from Conway sits a renowned private college in Arkadelphia, Ouachita Baptist University. OBU claims that for over 130 years they have been committed to encouraging a love of God and a love of learning within their students. Ouachita is an Arkansas Baptist State Convention affiliated campus, however you do not have to be a part of a religious group to attend the campus. The University has a vast amount of events to entertain students of all kinds. Such events include Tiger Toons, Tiger Serve Day, social clubs, intramurals, and hanging out in the updated Student Center.

Mrs. Greer attended OBU about 20 years ago and completed a political science degree with plans at the time to attend law school. She now is a stay at home mom of three and currently has a son enrolled on the campus. Mrs. Greer a petite, average height, and physically fit woman with a defined runner’s physique greeted me at her door with a warm and inviting hello. Her blond hair was held loosely in a tousled ponytail and she was adorned in athletic clothing due to her recent training run. Despite the post training outfit, there was a strong scent of perfume that wafted behind her. As I sat down at the kitchen table she apologized profusely for the mess her other three children had caused. A few cuties and other miscellaneous cups decorated the counters. I asked her what she thought of her overall experience at Ouachita. She was noticeably nervous and was wringing her hands throughout the entirety of her response to this question. She claimed that overall her experience was fantastic and then nervously added The class sizes allow you to -uh- I guess the word I’m looking for is be seen. You can’t really hide in a class of 20 or less. She described the professors as being friendly and very approachable, which makes sense due to OBU’s Student-Faculty Ratio being 13:1, compared to that of the University of Arkansas which is 19:1. Mrs. Greer elaborated on how the professors work with the students in the case of a dear family friend who had an emergency appendix removal the first week of class.

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