Banning Of Violent Video Games

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The Paradox of New Technologies by Dorothy Nixon tells how technology, like the phone, has changed us for the better and for the worse. Also, the author says that Americans describe smartphones as indispensable. She explains that though smartphones were important it is still a distraction at times and bit of a leash. As for Nixon, the phone technology brings more worries and anxiety than it does comfort of reaching a loved one. In 1910, AT&T advertise the comfort the telephone brings to the women in America. Not being able to hear their child’s voice or get a letter from them or even not answering the phone call makes them worried. Nixon tells the story about how seven people went to New Zealand for a two-day trek to a remote area of the South island. They all had smartphones, but only for three hours and then they found themselves with no cell service, but the minute they got back in range their cell phones were beeping and singing with text messages from back home. If a grown child was to leave off to New Zealand, it was a good chance their parents wouldn’t hear from them. Back in the 1900s, it was a period of rapid social change; Americans relied on postal service or snail mail for news about their loved ones. As opposed to today Americans are a phone call and a text away. She talks about how cell technology is moving around efficiently and in your car. There were no more fights between the co-pilot and driver as the passenger would hold the map up trying to find which way you should go. Even though they also had GPS people would still argue when it would give directions. It would also sometimes give the wrong directions sending Nixon into a construction hole.

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