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This chapter included several part of study. The first part of study is research background and this part is discussed overall environment and trends of internet banking in banking industry. The second part is problem statement, it is explained the important and the foundation of study.

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Next, there are five specific objectives of this study which are stated in the research objective. The next part of study is research question. The questions are stated the how the factors that can affect the consumers’ behavioral intention to use online banking in consumer view. Continue by the part of significance of the study that explain the important and contribution of the research. And the last two parts of study are chapter layout and conclusion.

1.1 Research Background

Banking institution is a hub of towards economic growth and the technological innovations and delivery through electronic distribution channel is e-banking. Online banking is a practice of handling all the bank transactions through internet which enable the user to do their transactions through internet. Nowadays in a global business world, many businesses it relies on to banking information for cash flow reviews, auditing and daily financial transaction processing. Thus, with the ease of online banking, account holder can be rapid access and efficiently executed the transaction. Thus in the banking and finance field, online banking has become rapidly of revolution. Rayport and Sviokla (1994) indicated that in the future, businesses will compete not only in the physical market, but it also in the virtual market (online technology). That is there will have more and more companies will switch their business models from the physical to the virtual market (Lee, Tsai & Corazon, 2011). In the past three decades, the financial institutions offered various types of new financial products or banking services to retain the existing customer and attract more new customers of the banking development. An electronic banking channel has been use as the technology adds new dimensions to the classic banking systems and grown substantially in the past few years. The self-service technologies enable the banker collecting information and communicating with customers without face-to-face interaction, it can save the transaction time and cost through the banking systems (Calisir, Gumussoy, 2008). It also can enabled banks to enhance it financial management. First introduce in the early 1980s, the banks in the financial sector has emerged the first self-service technologies that is installed the first automated teller machines (ATMs). This was followed by telephone banking services in the 1980s, and in the 1990s, with the emergence of the Internet; banks has offering web-based banking applications as extended their existing distribution channels. According to Weir, Anderson and Jack (2006), Online banking services allow customers to use remote easy access to manage bank accounts and transactions. Nowadays, banks provide a complete range of financial services through their online banking channels because they are more cost-effective than other customer-contact channels (Gopalakrisnan,

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