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This chapter provides a brief background of Islamic banking in the World as well as in the UK about its system and practice. The Islamic financial law has long history but Islamic banking and finance industry came into existence with Profit and Loss Sharing investment by Egypt’s Mit Ghamr Saving Banks in 1963. After official existence Islamic banking has grown in the area of finance, banking, insurance, mortgage, and assets management business with annual growth rate of 10-15 %.

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But actual development in Islamic banking is started after 1970 with new investment techniques, strategies and product development (Steward, 2008). Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is known as world first Islamic bank it was formed in 1975. Currently it has 48 branches which great services. Dubai Islamic Bank offers higher returns than conventional banking system as well they provide auto, home and personal finance products, (Platt, 2008). Islamic banking is a relatively little known in the West, and greater interest in disgust. The idea of “Islamic Banking”, but contains much more than the prohibition of interest. Islamic banking shows that ethics and finance can be connected to serve the society. The idea is to eliminate the banking system of injustice in the society. A clear link with the religion of Islam can lead to mistrust among the citizens in the West, perhaps out of fear of the unknown. Today’s global society in the Arab world and the Islamic banking system is closer to us and must be treated. If the Islamic bank and its ethical values for the first time it will be utopia, the economic actors in the world. Attitudes are changing, but slowly, and in recent years, the value of the traditional banking system, which has begun to look neutral, the conscience of a growing number of people. Author do not want to funds, banks and financial institutions, releases to companies which invest ethically and socially harmful act. The aim of this study is the question of “Islamic banking important to clarify and explain some of their links to politics, history and religion. Islamic finance is on Islamic law Sha’riah that offers all the solutions and economic problems of the foundation. Under Islamic law, interest completely forbidden in Islam, because the interest rates very negative impact on society, such as the ability, purchasing power and increasing poverty, uneven distribution of the credit crisis and the economy. According to Usmani (2005) the main drawback in interest based system is financier has no concern with money when he gives an interest bearing loan to a client. But in Islamic financial contract cash money is not given to client, first of all they purchase the commodity and transfer to client then all profit and loss will be distributed between parties according to agreed terms and conditions (Usmani,

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