Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes

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With the growing global epidemic of type 2 diabetes, people can do their part to avoid becoming a statistic of this disease. This disease is preventable with important daily routines. Among them include exercise, managing a healthy diet, increasing fiber intake, and maintaining a good sleep schedule.

My initial diagnosis of this disease was anger and frustration, because the first thing that I remember saying to myself and my wife was, this cannot be happening, this disease should not have affected me. I got angry at myself because I had the opportunity to stop this disease from going full blown on me when I was diagnosed as being prediabetic. At that point is when I realized that I should have taken care of myself by eating healthier and exercising on a daily basis to have reduced the risk of being diagnosed with this disease.

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Once I got over the initial shock and anger stage, I began my journey of living with this disease by doing research and learning about the serious complications that can come out of this if I did not do my part to take care of my health. Going to support groups and gathering as much information as I could and establishing a daily exercise routine were one of the first steps that I did to begin to take control of my life and combating the serious long-term symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

I had the opportunity to combat this disease when I was first diagnosed as being prediabetic. My doctor recommended me to make lifestyle changes to avoid type 2 diabetes, I told him that I would do them, but I did not listen and now I have to live with the consequences of being so stubborn and very naive. That is the main reason that this disease is so near and I wouldnt say dear to my heart because I failed at the prediabetes stage and I made a promise to my mom, dad, wife and daughter that I would do everything in my power to live a healthy and prolonged life without any major complications from this disease.

My father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but it was way too late to try and help him neutralize or even control it. As his health began to deteriorate due to complications that were left untreated from this disease, doctors began by amputating one of his toes on his right foot that had contracted gangrene, they then proceeded to amputate a secondary toe, then his ankle, and eventually up to his knee before he succumbed to his ultimate death due to the complications that were brought on by this terrible disease. My father was and still is my hero today and that is why I want to show him that I can defeat or at least maintain this disease in check.

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