Average Salary Grades for Veterinarians

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Median salary for small animal exclusive veterinarians who do not own their practice ranges from US$70,000 to US$91,000. According to the Society Of Practising Veterinary Surgeon, the average starting salary for an associate veterinarian in the United States is US $ 70,000 and in UK is between ? 30,380 and? 39,500. In certain cases, this package may include a salary of ? 18,000 - ? 20,000,a car and accommodation. Salary levels can vary according to further training,specialization and whether you are planning working as a practice partner.

With further training and experience can cause a raise in the salary of ? 20,000 - ? 35,000. Senior vets can earn around ? 48,000 depending on the size of their practice. Owning a practice, a general practice veterinarian can earn a median income starting from US$100,000 to US$250,000' depending on years of experience, gender, location, competition in that area and type of practice owned. Two key factors contribute to veterinary profession income especially in the United States — ownership status and years of experience. The average salary of a male owner is $158,910, while the average salary of a female owner is $115,768, or 27 percent less. Male associates are earning $115,672 compared to female associates who bring in $83,106, or 19. 1 to 25 percent less. Veterinary Specialists earn much more than general veterinarians. Starting salary for a Veterinary Specialist is $150,000 and salary range for Veterinary Specialist varies from US $150,000 to US $350,000, depending upon the type of specialty and years of experience.

The mean salary for new graduates in 2008 was US$48,328, but this included nearly 40% going on to advanced study programs. Vets in the UK do tend to make less than those in the US with average new graduate wages starting at an average of ? 25000. Vets in India on an average earn from INR 240,000 to INR 840,000 per annum. Vets in Pakistan have an annnual salary of 500,000to 1000,000 rupees.

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