Autism Spectum Disorders Definition

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There have been many medical advancements through research and technology. Unfortunately, there are still many unanswered questions when it comes to those who a neurotypical and those who are atypical, particularly younger individuals who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. Throughout this paper, I will be using past findings and research to define Autism Spectrum Disorders, contrast milestones that neurotypical children and children with autism, and mention a few options for families who have a child with this disorder.

Developmental psychology is one of many branches, in which there are many different definitions, however a similar tenet. Through the different developmental theories, it is agreeable that the majority of everyone that development consists of a series of changes that results on interactions that vary between biological and environmental factors (Whitley, 2009). The first few years of children’s learning and development are crucial. For neurotypical children, what are the developmental milestones and timeline?

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According to Wallace (2018), the term developmental disability is used to describe multiple disorders that can affect different domains of a child life such as their cognitive, language, and behavioral functioning. Specifically, Autism Spectrum Disorders are disabilities that can cause challenges with social and communication that vary with functioning levels (Wallace, 2018). This paper focuses on neurological development disorder called Autism. Autism can negatively affect a child’s ability to communicate and interact socially. Those who have been diagnosed with Autism could show trouble in different areas, including emotion. For instance, children with Autism will not be able to communicate whether they are sad, mad, happy, etc (Wallace, 2018).

Developmental Milestone

The developmental milestone has been established in different domains, such as fine and gross motor, problem-solving, social, and language (Scharf, Scharf & Stroustrup, 2016). During the first month of birth, the infant starts the attachment and security phase. Between six and eight weeks, the infant should be able to make appropriate responses such as cooing. At the age of four months, the infant will reach the milestones of rolling back and forth, shake objects and reach for things as well. When five and six months roll around, infants should be able to sit up, feed themselves with easy food, and become more aware of strangers. By nine months the infant should be very mobile and active when playtime and socializing (Schard, Scharf & Stroustrup, 2016).

A child can have delays in all ranges, which is own as global delay, which is defined as having delays in all areas of development. Those who show a delay in the developmental area does vary based on the individual. During the neonatal period of an infant, the delay might show lack of responding to loud sounds or the indifference between the infant and caregiver. An infant will show a delay around four months that has the possibility of being unable to make appropriate sounds,

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