Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Children diagnosed with Autism have abroad range of conditions identified by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. Most behaviors occur because children with autism have troubles communicating their wants and needs. There are many different options and devices that make it easier for non-verbal children to communicate, such as, Picture Exchange Communication (PECS), Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC), and Tape Recorders. With these device’s children are advancing not just educationally, but also socially.

The Picture Exchange Communication, also known as PECS, are small icons that show the child what they want or need. The PECS can be displayed as a schedule, or in a sentence structure that say’s “I want…”. The child is to hand this to the person they are communicating with to let people know what it is that they prefer. When using the PECS there is no noise that lets the child know what the actual PEC is. The child must go off what they see in the picture. The person who the child is communicating to should say aloud what the PEC says that they are being handed, this will help the child start to understand what the PEC is saying. The more the child hears the word after handing the PEC, the child will understand when to use the right PEC at the appropriate time. (Wegner)

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The Augmentative and alternative communication, also known as the AAC Device, is another method to help non-verbal children, or children who have troubles expressing themselves, express their wants and needs. According to the Indiana Institute, the AAC device is a microprocessor on a personal computer (PC) or a personal device,

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