Autism Spectrum Disorder During Adolescence

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Adolescence is a challenging part of growing up . From entering high school , to hitting puberty, every teen goes through their own struggles during adolescence. Teens with Autism , have to encounter the same situations as other teens, from handling a ton of homework, to figuring out which friends to hang out with.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) , is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impairs the ability to socialize, and interact with others. Autism is a lifelong condition, that is most often detected in early childhood. ASD affects the nervous system , and while there is no exact answer as to what causes ASD , scientists believe it is due to a faulty gene passed onto the child , in early fetal development. There are other theories on what causes ASD , such as viruses the mother encountered, and chemical imbalances. When a person is diagnosed with Autism, they are placed on a spectrum , the “A Spectrum” , determines whether the person is High functioning, meaning their cognitive skills are not challenged, as much as a person a person who is considered low functioning . Low functioning Autism , is the most severe end of the spectrum. A person with low Functioning Autism has severe impairments to their cognitive skills. The main difference that separates where a person lands on the spectrum , is based off their cognitive skills , and their IQ level. Everyones body changes during Puberty , and while most neurotypical teens are excited to experience this stage in their life , teens with Autism are most often alarmed , and upset, by the sudden changes to their lives . Puberty brings on many obstacles in a teenagers life, from having your body go through changes , not only physically , but also emotionally. Change is often a problem for autistic teenagers , because they are accustomed to a set schedule , and routine .

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Having a set routine, helps Autistic individuals create a stable order in their lives. While a neurotypical teenagers can deal with the morning rush of getting ready and heading off to school in a rush, an Autistic teenager will become overwhelmed by the interruption in their set order . When an Autistic individual relies on a set routine, it helps motivate them to follow through with tasks ,

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