Australian National Identity

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Australian National Identity: This essay will argue that tolerance has had major influence on our Australian National Identity through aspects such as, multiculturalism, our wide variety of Religious beliefs and practices, the acceptance of sexual identities and a vast range of Political issues. Australia is a country known to have traits such as, fair go, stoicism, larrikinism and most importantly mateship, which reflects our high tolerance on many issues. Tolerance is defined as ‘the capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others’. Sexual identity and our acceptance in society of same sex partnerships is evidence of the tolerance of Australian Society. Each year in Sydney, a Parade is held for those who wish to celebrate their sexual freedom or sexual equality, this being the Mardi Gras. The parade was first established in June 1978 when a human rights protest arose arguing that all members of society are to be treated as equals, no matter what sexual orientation/identity you are. The nationwide event attracts all different groups of people from around the world, all acknowledging our acceptance of same sex partnerships. This point is clarified by the Same-Sex Relationships Act which was passed in November 2008 and has travelled a long way to ensuring same-sex de facto couples and their families have equality under Australian law. Australia’s acceptance of religious freedom is also an important element of our Australian identity. In today’s society we have a number of different religious beliefs and rituals which are recognized and celebrated by many people. These people have a number of different religious backgrounds and for Australia to prove our ethnic diversity, it is our responsibility to supply their needs, this is why we have Mosques and Temples developed throughout Australia for our blended society to feel equal. Our current schooling system also tolerates different Religious views in a major way by incorporating these values in our teachings, field trips (excursions) are held to widen our younger generations view on their fellow Australians religious beliefs, not only in Public Schools, but in Catholic Schools and Universities. Our Government realized we had to adapt to serve each and everyone in today’s society which brought on the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act which was established in 2001 and amended in May 2006 to suit the needs of our national identity. The Act supports the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect,

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