Australia Offers Aid to Farmers as Drought Bites into Beef Trade

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Australia Offers Aid to Farmers as Drought Bites into Beef Trade Rick Britton is known as the 5th generation farmer dealing with beef sector. He is considered as a no stranger in the dry times on the large dry 200,000 hectare of his farm in the northern Queensland, Australia. But there is a savage drought for two years that is taking despair to the new level of drought in the area and this is leading many concerns that the rising beef prices around the world could go even much higher because of the existing Australian developing crisis, which the third largest known beef exporter around the world. Rick Britton (a mayor of Boulia and a shire having a population of approximately 600 persons) says that the ground in Australia has been changed to be used as a moonscape having the grass decreased to black stubble patches. He continues to say that they had no option at that particular time but to decrease their cattle number from 7,500 cattle to 4,000 cattle due lack of enough feeds in the last 18 months. 2013 was seen by many as the only hottest year from the time the records started in Australiaand the problem of droughtis to bring several questions relating to the farming viability in Queensland, which is known as the home of close to a half of the 27million cattle in the whole country. Thishas been coincidental with the extreme drought in big cattle ranching states in United States, whichisleading to the worldwide supplycrunch as the beef demand in Chinais quickly increasing. On Wednesday this 2014, Canberra was seen giving his response to look for assistance from the farmers by sanctioning for A$320m aid that would help drought-affected farmers. Tony Abbott, the prime minister of Australia, says that some of the farmers might be inclined in saying that it is a special kind of deal to farmers – but no, this is considered as akin to the farmers’ natural disaster. He said this as a way of justifying the issue of the aid. The financial assistance level that is provided to farmers in the nation is low through the international standards with their subsidies resulting to only 2% of the gross farm receipts,which is considered wellbelow the EU or the US. But the cheap loans packages and welfare that are given out to farmers is considered as politically contentious because the coalition of Liberal-National is looking for some policy agenda in their slogan that is entitled the end to the age of entitlement that recently saw the farmer refuse the given aid for the carmakers. Farming groups also agreed to use the cheap loan package but many of the groups say that the Australian cattle industry health future mainly depends on the rain coming back to the Queensland state in the north east part of the country. Dale Miller (a senior policy adviser at the AgForce Queensland, which is a farming lobby group) says that close to70% of Queensland and 50% of New South of Wales is declared to be affected by drought.

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