Sex Education in Delhi

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Attitude Towards Sex Education Amongst Adolescents in Delhi Ajanta Anindita (P09066) Eresh Sabharwal (P09080) Rahul Agrawal (P09102) Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, XLRI School of Business and Human Resources Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India Abstract Purpose – The purpose of the study is two-fold. First, it tries to investigate the effect of attitude adolescents posses towards sex and sex education on their level of sex awareness. Also, it tries to establish whether gender is a moderator of the relationship between adolescents ? attitude and sex awareness. Design/Methodology/Approach – A questionnaire was given to the students of schools and colleges in Delhi asking their attitudes towards sex, attitude towards sex education and their level of sex awareness. The results of this questionnaire were then analyzed to validate the study. Findings – Positive correlation was found between the attitudes and the level of sex awareness. Also, partial mediation effect of the attitude towards sex education was proved. Another important finding was that the beta coefficient of attitude towards sex and sex awareness was egative in case of males but positive in case of females, showing the effect of gender as a moderator. Research Limitations/Implications – The limitations of the research were that no existing study of attitude towards sex education of adolescents was done. Also, our research was targeted only towards the urban population which can be stretched to rural population as a part of future researches. Future research can also include a higher difficulty level questionnaire testing sex awareness among adolescents. Practical Implications – Sex education is very necessary for the students in India because they eceive information from different media s whic? h is incomplete and incorrect. Originality/Value – The study is one of the first to test the attitude of adolescents towards sex education bringing out the importance of sex education in today s society.? Keywords – Sex awareness, Attitude towards sex, Sex education Paper type – Research Paper Introduction In India, adolescents receive most sex related information from media and peers. Schools have not played an active role in providing sex education to the students. It is very important for the students to know about sex and the bodily and health effects that sex causes. India has the highest number of HIV/AIDS infectants in the world. Adolescents are the most vulnerable to such sexually transmitted diseases, and more so with the lack of knowledge that they possess. Even the knowledge that the adolescents possess is incomplete and inaccurate as it is received from secondary sources. Sex awareness is affected by the attitude of adolescents towards sex and sex education. Several authors have tried to define attitude in several different ways. Shaw and Wright (1967) opined that attitude entails an existing predisposition to respond to social objects, hich in interactions with situational and other dispositional variables, guides and directs the overt behavior of the individual. In India sex is considered as a taboo. Most families do not feel comfortable talking about sex. Females face societal restrictions till they are married. All these factors heavily affect the attitude that adolescents share towards sex.

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