Attack on Pearl Harbor – 1941

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Pearl Harbor is a U.S. navy base that was attacked in December 7, 1941, the base at the time was a dock for battleships. Just before 8 am on there were waves of planes ready to attack pearl harbor by surrounding the navy base, they managed to destroy or damage nearly 20 American naval vessels, including eight battleships, and over 300 airplanes. Over 2,400 people were killed in this incident and about 1,000 people have been injured.

A leader of Japan that lead Pearl Harbor was Vice-Admiral Chuichi Nagumo lead the attack on Pearl Harbor. He commanded the air attack on Pearl Harbor he also called off a planned third air attack after deciding there was too high a risk that the US would be able to fight back. Many people thought this was a bad move on his part, as another attack could have caused enormous additional damage. For the rest of his life, Nagumo was blamed for that decision. He killed himself in 1944 when it became clear that Japan would have to surrender.

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After some research I found out that the reason for Pearl Harbor might have involved racism. They were supposedly physiologically incapable of being good aviators because they lacked a sense of balance and their eyes were not right. It was even believed that the Japanese were bad pilots because, as babies, they would be carried on the backs of their big sisters and got bounced around, so their inner ear was knocked askew.

Two naval commanding officers were Yamamoto and Kimmel. leaders were naval commanders Yamamoto and KimmelYamamoto and Kimmel duffered in personality differed. Yamamoto was a strong man that fought in WW2 and fought in Pearl Harbor. He was also a gambler was a gambler he took risks. He said if he had another life he would be in Monaco playing the gambling tables said in another life he would be Monaco playing the gaming tables. He insisted on the attack of Pearl Harbor despite the objections of the Imperial Navy Insisted on the plan for the attack of Pearl Harbor despite the objections of the Imperial Navy.

Kimmel was very much a disciplinariana laser-focused guy who didn’t tolerate anyone breaking the rules or trying to get by them. He insisted on taking the offense as soon as the war broke out which in a way was agood thing interested in taking the offensive . Even though he didn’t want to he should have played a more offensive position. Kimmel wanted to go attack somebody He wanted to attack and that’s the reason why he didn’t send out search planes. He wanted to attack someone so he didn’t send out search planes use the search planes for his grand offense as soon as the war broke out.Kimmel wanted to use the search planes for his grand offense when the war broke out.

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