Atkins Diet and Crohn Disease

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Part 1, Criteria #1: Identification of Nutrients

Atkins diets are categorized as a low carbohydrate diet and while restricting carbs the client would eat proteins and fats. This is usually used for weight loss but it is very important to make sure you are getting the correct amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats for optimal weight loss. The minimum amount of carbohydrates needed to give us sufficient energy and brainpower is 130g/day (Henry, 2016).

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The average daily-recommended intake of protein is 0.8g/kg for healthy adults (Henry, 2016). Protein will provide us with tissue growth, for energy to keep our body going and transport nutrients and provide nitrogen homeostasis (Nutrients and Health benefits, 2018). Recommended fat intake would be approximately 20%-30% of total calories (Henry, 2016).

If my patient continues this diet she will have a deficiency in carbohydrates and according to the RDA this will not allow her to have proper brainpower. When I plugged this diet into my fitness pal it showed that the patient only had 58 grams of carbohydrates leaving the patient with 92g of more carbohydrates she needed to consume. When plugging the foods consumed into my fitness pal it ended up being 908 calories, she could probably incorporate a Greek yogurt in her morning snack after she eats breakfast, this is high in calories and has probiotics in it that are great for digestive health. The Atkins diet does not focus on calorie counting or limiting your food you can eat as much as you want as long as you are cutting carbohydrates out of your diet. Its approach to carbs will burn off body fat stores, regulate your blood sugar while not having to restrict your food intake and this will help you reach your optimum health (Atkins Diet, 2017).

Part 1, Criteria #2: Meeting RDA analysis

My patient C.J. is a 30 year old female, Jewish, 5’7, 135lbs. She is currently doing Atkins diet and has Crohn’s disease. Specifically to this patient it makes Atkins diet more challenging because she is Jewish she practices a Kosher diet. With that being said meats that are allowed are Sheep, cattle, goats, deer, chicken, geese, ducks and turkey (Jewish Dietary Laws, n.d). According to Kosher diet are unable to eat meat and diary are the same time and some opinions are different but they say you should wait two to six hours between meals before consuming diary or meat. When plugging C.J’s diet into my fitness pal all of her meats and diary were from 2-6 hours apart.

With the Atkins diet since you are restricting carbohydrates and your body is burning stored fat it is likely that my patient is losing weight. Since she has a normal BMI she does not seem to be malnourished but there is a risk that she can have nutritional deficiencies and a decreased intake of fiber.

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