Assisted Suicide: A Right or a Wrong?

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In recent years, there has been some controversy about doctor assisted suicide, the legalities and morality of letting a person choose to die, helping them to do so due to a physical inability to end their own lives. Many states have specifically outlawed this practice, with only a small fraction putting laws on the books that frees a doctor from criminal prosecution for ending a patientr’s life upon their request. Although currently legal in just 6 states, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington Any other state would bring charges of various degrees against a medical professional for acting upon the wishes of a patient if that patient wanted to be medically terminated.

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The majority of states that have outlawed this is because of a multitude of reasons. Religious beliefs vary widely, but often, state suicide in any form is to be condemned. Professional codes of conduct, under the goal to always save a life if they are able, is an ethical belief that rings personally true to many in the medical field. Due to the conflicting beliefs, individual state has made it a point to put an end to the practice of assisting patients in seeking death.

It is no unknown fact that death is an inevitable part of human life. Although the average lifespan of a human is seventy-nine years, there are unfortunate events that could shorten the average lifespan. Illnesses along with accident can come at any given time and most humans are not prepared for it. In some instances, these illnesses come with no cure, or way around it, leaving the patient to suffer in pain and agony during their last few moments of their lives. Is there no other way to have patients leave peacefully and on their own terms? Assisted suicide is one of, if not only, the other option some patients have available to them. Unfortunately for them, they do not always have the chance to choose that option. However, if that is their wish, why are there reasons to not allow them to do so? Who has the authority on what a person should do when it comes to terminating their illnesses and their reasons why? Euthanasia is defined as the administration of drugs with the explicit intention of ending a patientr’s life, at the patients explicit request. Physician assisted suicide definition is defines as the prescription or supply of drugs with the explicit intention of enabling a patient to end his or her own life. (Board of the Royal Dutch Medical Association. Vision on euthanasia. In: Euthanasia in the Netherlands [5th ed]. Utrecht: Royal Dutch Medical Association, 1996: 24-56.) Aims to make patients lives better, but to realize how beneficial it is, it is important to understand how this idea came about,

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