Psychology and Health Problems

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Assignment: Psychology and Health Problems Lyndsay McPheron Axia at UOP Sept 20, 2010 Assignment: Psychology and Health Problems The multi-factorial model uses many different factors to analyze and see how it affects our health. This model embraces the fact that a healthy person is a result of multiple factors working together. This model has been an essential tool to gain a better understanding of a person’s health overall, including physically and psychologically. The multi-factorial model uses many genetic and lifestyle factors in order to diagnose psychological disorders that can directly affect a person’s health physically. The model can also be used to determine if a person is prone to having a psychological disorder. It incorporates a wide range of factors, such as Biological, Sociocultural, and environmental. These factors play significant roles, as well as our personality traits, behavioral patterns, and everyday stressors. These aspects will be discussed further throughout the following reading, along with some specific health problems, and the role that Psychology plays in understanding, as well as managing these health concerns. Biological factors are factors which cannot be controlled by an individual. Examples of biological factors include exposure to illness, injuries encountered, family medical history, disabilities relating to birth defects, medication history, genetics, age, and gender. Many of these biological factors start at childhood and continue throughout life. The sociocultural factors include things like access to healthcare, family circumstances, and health- related cultural and religious beliefs. Environmental factors include quality of the water and pollution of land and air. The behavioral pattern is about diet, sleep patterns, level of physical activity, as well as other activities an individual would do to protect health. Personality traits that affect the body include psychological conflicts, depression, anxiety, optimism or pessimism, and holding grudges. Everyday stressors such as daily hassles, major life changes, frustration, pain, and climate in the workplace can have a positive or negative affect on a person’s overall health. There were four different health problems that were discussed in the chapter reading; headaches, menstrual problems, Coronary Heart Disease, and Cancer. Headaches and menstrual problems are two of the health issues explained in the text that will be discussed in the reading. I found them to be most related to my experience. I learned a good deal of information from the week’s reading. Both of these problems are a result from stress, as well as other factors combined. Stress is a major part of some of the pain people deal with every day. It can cause a person to completely withdraw from the world. Stress is a psychological factor that has different effects on each individual.

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