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Before going to make any investment, investors should do some research pertaining to what kind of investment the investors are going to invest, when is the right for investors to put the money in, How much investment amount should put in, and so forth. Investors should seek every aspect pertaining to the investment that investors want to invest. Thus, investors have an opportunity to look overall situation at different investment opportunities that are being suitable for investor. Confidence in traditional investment vehicles such pensions and equities as seen better days and many investors are still licking their wounds after the dotcom crash that has overshadowed investment markets since beginning of the decade( UK investment advice). However, over-confidence by the investors will lead to investment failure. It is because some investors may over-confidence in certain investment especially the investment consists low risk, then the investment will show hand and put all the asset of themselves into a basket of investment. Actually, this kind of behavior is wrong and make harmful for the investors. Normally, the investment adviser will advise the investor cannot to do it so, but the intense of the investors insist to do. Consequently, the investors may loss everything. So, investors nowadays ought to learn from this lesson. However, nowadays investors are far conscious of the need for low risk investments that bring solid growth in the long term compare to the higher risk assets. According to the World Gold Council, the gold investment demand predicted to increase. Speaking by the Globe and Mail, Martin Murenbeeled, chief economist, the gold investment demand was higher than that for gold jewellery until the later 1960s and predicted an uptick in both in 2010 as investors flock to precious metal as a safe haven vehicle and the jewellery sector recovers. Therefore, it could possible attract many investors to invest or hold or buy the gold. There are some tips and advice for the investors as a guideline before they are going to invest in certain investment. First, the investors have to take a look from the reputable publication such as Business Week or Fortune. In practice, these kinds of publications provide point of view by certain famous economist or news of the gold investment market regularly. They are reputable publications that have built their reputation on a solid history of working with different experts. Next, investors could look for some information from the journalists that work under the reputable publications. In addition, these publications will set up a Q&A site for people to ask the question. So the investors could post their queries on there about the gold investment. However, if the investors feel unsure or unsecure about the information that has been provided, investors could directly make call to them for getting further detail about the gold investment. Not only is the journalist from the pubilication, there also some journalists from the professional financial. In this kind of journalists, they will always update the information about market as it stands, and give their valuable opinion on the best gold investment opportunities.

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