Assessing the different business strategies used by Companies

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In this paper, the researcher will mainly discuss the successful business strategies of the corporation. After clarifying the concept of the business strategies, the researcher will discuss the integrated nature of developing a corporate strategy and describe the four key dimensions of well-developed business strategies. After researching world enterprise development history, people can find out that corporate strategy is the foundation of modern enterprise (Bent & Kjell, 2002).

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Although development environment, product structure, organization and management, technical innovation, product quality and capital scale can have an influence on the enterprise life, whether the enterprise strategy research is successful is also quite important for the company. Business strategy can be considered as that in the competition environment, the enterprise should consider its advantages and disadvantages, and take reactions in order to create the space of survival and development (Naveh & Marcus, 2005). Business strategy can not stand still, and it should make adjustment with the changes of internal and external environment conditions. For the different stages, different companies will have different management modes. In the modern world, the essence of management is that adjusting serve management strategic at any time in order to adapt itself to the changing world market. Thus, the researcher considers that the so-called business strategies are that in the enterprise management, in order to achieve certain operations objectives, under certain market environment conditions, all the actions, plans and competitive manners helping achieve the operational objectives. Since business strategy activity is a kind of tough brain activity and creative activity of rational thinking, the managers should fulfill conditions and make a correct application in business strategy. First, enterprise owns high sensitivity towards the market environment changes. For a modern enterprise leader, how to adjust enterprise development strategy according to the environment changes and quickly become the leader is vital. A good modern enterprise operator should make changes timely according to the environmental changes. Second, during the enterprise strategic adjustment process, guiding ideology is also important. Third, organization mechanisms of the enterprises should have sustained innovation ability. Various enterprises can obtain surviving space and prolong enterprise life in different types of innovation activities. Fourth, the enterprises should have a scientific financial operations and reasonable cash flow.

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