Assembling Of The Jury System Law Essay

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A jury system is a system whereby trials of criminal matters such as murder, rape, fraud and other relating matters are heard, usually in the Crown Court. The need for a jury arises when a defendant, in a case, pleads not guilty. In very rare cases though such as libel cases, a jury would be summoned in the Civil Court of Law. Jury services are an old custom in the British Law System. These trials by jury was first preserved in law in what the world sees as a first declaration of human rights – the Magna Carta, which documents that in 1215, King John, after a rebellion by his barons, stated that “a free man shall not be….imprisoned….unless by the judgment of his peers”. Thereafter the right to a jury system was finally recognized in the legal system following the trial of William Penn in 1670. A jury consists of twelve lay members from the electoral register which is randomly chosen by computerized systems at the Central Summoning Bureau at Blackfraiars in London. Not all persons listed on the electoral register would be qualified however. Usually, persons are disqualified due to the following reasons: Persons who at any time been sentenced in the U.K., the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Persons who are at any time in the last 10 years been apprehended, served any sentence of imprisonment, or a community punishment order, defined in Section 160 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 in the U.K., the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Persons in the last five years, made in respect of them probation order or a community rehabilitation order. Apart from disqualifiers to a jury, there are exemptions. In essence to R v Guildford Crown Court Expante Sinderfin (1989) 3 ALLER7, the court has the power to excuse a person from jury service where it is felt that the particular juror would not be able to perform the duties properly as a person has conscientious objectives to jury services. This would apply to practicing lawyers for instance. If jurors are chosen through computerized systems, the questions arise, how indeed would administration of justice know the difference between qualifiers and non-qualifiers? Do they have effective and efficient software systems in place for selecting non-qualifiers? To answer these questions, under Section 61 of the Administration of Justice Act, 1982, it is said that questions may be put forward to a prospective juror to ascertain whether he is qualified for jury service at any time and not just when he attends following jury summons. Another vital factor of the selection process is the incorporation of jury vetting, which is necessary as it serves as a precaution against criminal elements, usually conducted by the police. Jurors are expected to be able to work well in teams, possess good decision making skills and competency in self-management. Having a jury system is satisfactory to many since the defendant is not subjected to be judged by the state. This can serve as an advantage to the defendant,

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