Aspects of Language and Identity

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In a real sense, language plays a major role in the world society as it not only express one’s identity but also constructs the identities. Language refers to a common body of words and system that is used by people of the same community or nation. Conversely, identity refers to a person or group’s beliefs, personality or expression that makes them.

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However, there is a significant intersection between one’s language and identity as it will be discussed in the essay. In other words, it will center on some aspects of language and identity. Examining the book “Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”, there is a family reunion of Ralph who keeps on wearing the same clothes as he wore in the previous family union; a happening that is highly questioned by the author. Additionally, he keeps on telling the same story as he had told five years ago, having the same life and job (Daz, Junot, p.10). These can be considered as Ralph’s identities since that how he expresses himself like. However, his identities differs from the identities of other characters as they constantly change and very complicated to define. This is whereby most of the characters are experiencing the adolescence stage and restlessly struggling to define their racial and national identities. One’s nickname defines one’s identity and way of life. For instance, Diaz demonstrates the aspect through two main characters that include Oscar and Yunior. In this case, the nickname of Oscar displays his inability to fit in with others as himself while the nickname of Yunior shows his desire to display the ideal man of Dominican rather than risk rebuff through demonstrating his actual personality. The life that the two individual strive to live shows how people are not only internally complex but also intrinsically inconsistent. Therefore, they find it hard to embrace their full identities and at the same time presenting particular identities to the world. The perception has been supported by Edward Deluzain in the article “Name and Behavior”

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