ASDA manpower, planning demand and supply of labour

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ASDA was established in 1965 by the group of farmers from Yorkshire, England. ASDA became a subsidiary of the American retail Wal-Mart in 1999. About 78,000 peoples were working in ASDA.

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The main thing is that all the staffs of ASDA Company/ stores have good knowledge of the products and they know what offers are on. Those staffs who are ready to give customer service do the well preparation to deal with the general enquires. If the member of staff are unsure of the answer of enquires they refers to the senior management. The main aim of ASDA is to produce good and quality products in low prices to the consumers and publics. All the staff members and management of ASDA are trying to fulfil this aim.

Review literature

Job analysis plays the vital role for the development and the improvement of the company. It is use to describe a process of examining jobs in order to identify their main features, in particular the duties they fulfil, the result they are expected to achieve, the major tasks undertaken, and the job’s relationship with other jobs in the companies hierarchy. This case study will explore the basic notations of job design and job analysis to support strategic objectives of the ASDA Company. This study also will focus on competency modelling as well as human resource strategy and its impact on overall corporate strategy for the future direction. Likewise this study will explore manpower planning as well as principles related to the demand and supply of labour. Therefore it will help to assess the management requirements in choosing the right personnel, who are capable of completing those tasks that help to the ASDA to achieve its objectives.

Job Design and Job Analysis of ASDA

1. Job Design

Job consists of a set of tasks that are performed by the employee to fulfil the aims and objectives of the company. The content of job is affected by the purpose of the company, the structure of the company, the processes and activities carried out in the company, the technology of the company, environment in which the company operates. Therefore the job design has two aims: first, to satisfy the requirement of the ASDA company for productivity, efficiency and quality of product and service, and second is to satisfy the needs of the individuals for interest, challenge and accomplishment providing for job engagement and commitment to carrying out the job well. ASDA uses the following approach of job design to support strategic objectives. Job Rotation: Employees can expose to different types of specialized jobs over time from Job Rotation. To provide more techniques and knowledge in different field ASDA uses the approach of job rotation.

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