Artificial Intelligence – Present and Future Uses

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Artificial Intelligence: Present and Future uses What is the definition of Artificial Intelligence? Lets’ break it down in to individual words to get an accurate definition. First, Artificial: made by human skill; produced by humans (https://dictionary. com). Second, Intelligence: capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude for grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. (https://dictionary. com). Therefore, if we put the two words together we create a unique and complex definition. Artificial Intelligence is defined as: tools that exhibit human intelligence and behavior including self-learning robots, expert systems, voice recognition, natural and automated translation; Technology and learning portfolio. (1997, August) Retrieved August 30, 2010 from https://www. unesco. org/education/educprog/lwf/doc/portfolio/portindex. htm. Artificial Intelligence is being used presently, and will be used in the future in numerous exciting ways. Present day uses| Future uses| Military: *Weapons *Aircraft| Games: *Chess computer| Medicine: *Joystick surgery *Computer assisted surgery| Robots: *Medicine *Workforce| Education: *Educational tools| Integration: *Cybernetics *Reverse engineering| Table 0 Present day uses: Military The two primary uses of A. I. for the Military are in their weapons and aircraft. Stanford University won a two million dollar defense department grant for building an autonomous SUV named Stanley. This vehicle navigated a 131 mile off road race course, by itself, in six hours and fifty-three minutes. It eventually won the race against another autonomous vehicle. Its average land speed was 19. 1 mph, which is the average speed of a Military convoy. Another type of autonomous vehicle is called the sword. Basically, it’s a miniature tank with multiple automatic weapons and a grenade launcher attached. It can be controlled remotely, but its primary use is autonomous missions. It can navigate through a war zone and take out ground troops from behind. The sword can also be sent into a hostile situation and cause a diversion, allowing the soldiers to quell the situation; Military applications. (n. d. ). Retrieved September 6, 2010, from https://www. aaai. org/AITopics/pmwiki/pmwiki. php/AITopics/Military. New military assault vehicles are being fitted with voice recognition software. This makes the communication between the on-board computer and the soldiers much faster. A soldier can speak a command into the computer while he/she is still driving, firing a weapon or tracking the enemy. The weapons are also voice command activated, so they can be fired while the soldier is conducting another duty. The main reason these vehicles are being made is to save soldiers lives, while protecting our country at the same time. This new technology will save lives, it will save even more lives as the technology grows; Military applications. (n. d. ). Retrieved September 6, 2010, from https://www. aaai. org/AITopics/pmwiki. php/AITopics/Military. Lastly, the F-35 Lightning Multi-role fighter from Lockheed Martin is the top of the line smart fighter jet. The F-35 is equipped with voice recognition software, making pilot to plane communications faster. The weapons are also voice activated, so the pilot can multi-task in an engagement. It is also equipped with an Automatic target recognition and classification system (ATRC), which is used to identify specific targets.

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