Arthur Miller About Witches

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Arthur Miller was a famous playwright, author, and film writer in the mid-20th century, who published many works, one of them being The Crucible. Born in 1915, Miller was raised in New York City, a peak area to establish a love for the arts due to its grand displays of plays and shows. Miller grew up in a failing household, so he worked for a decent amount of time in an auto-parts warehouse, before attending college at the University of Michigan.

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During his time in school, Miller won two Avery Hopwood awards for his early work in playwriting. After school Miller returned to New York to pursue this career, and had several small releases while writing for the Federal Theater Project, the Columbia Workshop, and the Cavalcade of America. In 1947, Millerr’s career boomed. Some of his many successes included All of my Sons, Death of a Salesman, and his famous play The Crucible. Some of Millers awards he won include the Theater Guild National Prize, Antoinette Perry Award, Emmy Award, and even a Pulitzer Prize award for drama.

Millerr’s view on the world can be interpreted through his many works he created, in which he saw the realism in everyday life, and avoided the fake masks placed over most things. Arthur lived a full life, passing away in early 2005 in Connecticut, leaving behind the legacy he created in New York (Arthur Miller). Throughout his playwright career, Arthur Miller addressed many social and political issues. In Millerr’s The Crucible, he confronts the hard truth of what peopler’s behavior did during the Salem witch trials to seemingly innocent women, along with relating it to Senator Joseph McCarthyr’s desire to expose alleged communists in the federal government and Hollywood in the early 1950r’s. The Crucible tells the true and saddening tales of several women being persecuted and killed for being accused as witches without viable proof, and his annoyance with the people of Salem can be interpreted through the text. Miller personally faces McCarthyr’s crazed hunt for communists by indirectly comparing it to the lengths people went through during the Salem witch trials to expose weird neighbors or people they disliked. While it takes some thought and consideration, it is easy to interpret Millerr’s opinions and views through his work and the way he portrays characters in his stories (Schechter).

During the colonial period of early American history, Massachusetts held some very extreme religious and political views. Early Massachusetts was populated by very devout Puritans who traveled from England to escape the discriminatory Catholic and Anglican churches. The settlers were mainly influenced by John Winthrop, who preached to the people that they should create a City upon a Hill, or a model Christian society. The people of the early Massachusetts Bay Colony were very influenced by their desire to uphold their Puritan ideals,

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