My Love Is Like To Ice The poem makes me sympathize with the persona as I read it through. The statement,Ice which is congealed with the senseless cold should kindle fire by wonderful device makes a revelation how much the persona struggles but he is still... [ view article ]


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Tradition in modern architecture Introduction Architecture can be described as, a profession or rather a discipline that deals with designing of buildings, other respective artificial constructions, open areas and communities while regarding the aesthetic effect. It generally includes supervising building work and remodeling, selection... [ view article ]

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Iranian political state and art Introduction The following essay is a summary about Iranian political state and how use of art to present their political culture is related. The essay will focus mainly on revolutionary and post-revolutionary artworks. The paper will consist of comparisons and... [ view article ]


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Motivational Video Review In the first video we are introduced to the Brujas founder who explains her experience in the skating activities. She shows that she has two stitches close to her eyes as well as the injuries on her elbows. All these... [ view article ]


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