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Children Mature And Notice

When children mature and notice both the positive and negative in the world around them, there are always adults to help them understand and offer guidance. In Harper Lee’s coming of age novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout Finch, a young girl, witnesses several events in her small, conservative town that shapes her view on […]

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Difference Between Aristotle’s And Plato’s

One major difference between Aristotle’s and Plato’s idea of the state is that the former believes that all states are natural, whereas the latter only believes that a state is natural if it is just. In the case of Aristotle, he sees political association as deriving from crucial human relationships, namely the association of the […]

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Plato and Aristotle were Greek

Plato and Aristotle were Greek philosophers who lived between 428-347BC and 384-322BC respectively. They were legends who looked at life differently. Aristotle was a student of Plato and Plato was a student to Socrates. Plato’s main subscription on Knowledge was that we get to learn from someone who is wise because knowledge is not accessible […]

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Plato Was A Philosopher In Greece

Plato was a philosopher in Greece and was born between 429 and 423 BC and died in 347 BC at approximately the age of 81. Plato founded the Academy in Athens which was a institution of learning. At about 380 BC Plato wrote the Republic about concerning justice and it was one of Plato’s best […]

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Every Individual Has A Capacity

Every individual has a capacity to create their own possibility. The possibility to act, decide and live life the way he wants it to be. But this possibility does not tell us that we can do everything, for we are subjected to our moral and ethical responsibilities; to oneself and to others. As time passes, […]

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