Benefits Of War Although not often explicitly expressed, there is a belief out there that the institution of war, even if not actual wars, are vital to modern economies. According to this position, industrial economies are intimately connected with the production of military... [ view article ]


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Reading Report Sample Government-Business Relations Reading ReportStudent Name:__________ Edith Smith _____________________________________________Class (eg Monday 10. 00am-11. 30am): _________________3 -4 PM__________________| Reading full reference| Liz Young, 1999‘Minor Parties and the Legislative Process in the Australian Senate: A study of the 1993 Budget’,Australian Journal of Political... [ view article ]


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Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor In the article Lifeboat Ethics: the Case Against Helping the Poor, Garrett Hardin’s main argument is that we should not help the poor. The article starts by describing the difference between the spaceship ethic, which is where we should share... [ view article ]


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Mark Bittman: Analyzed Mark Bittman: Analyzed Mark Bittman, a food journalist, 30-year author, and writer for “The Minimalist”, a column in the New York Times, explains his views on obesity and other food related issues in his article, “Why Take Food Seriously? Because... [ view article ]

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Debating over the Animal Rights Movement Debating over the animal rights movement has raised questions and concerns for many years. Although animal research has been the cause of many medical breakthroughs, is it morally and ethically right to put animals in these kinds of situations? This... [ view article ]


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Concrete Experience Writing the Four Stages Stage 1 – Concrete Experience There’s an old proverb that says ‘experience is what you get after the fact’. Keep this in mind as you write your Concrete Experience because it is an experience you’ve had... [ view article ]

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Questions on Articles by Christopher D. Stone and Work by Milton Friedman 1. What criticisms does Friedman raise against business managers who engage in “socially responsible” practices? Explain. Friedman criticizes business managers who engage in socially responsible behavior by using the argument that there is a different set of criteria for social... [ view article ]

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