Argument For The Importance Of Strategic Planning Business Essay

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This paper discusses about organizational strategic planning and the concepts of strategic planning. It also describes an argument that supported to the strategic planning for the success of business. This paper creates a mission statement for the organization that will be essential to the success of organization and also examines the vision statement in order to supporting to the mission of organization.

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It establishes the key objectives for the organization that encompasses operational, financial and human resources aspects of the business and details the essential of these objectives. This paper concludes with the key objectives in order to support the mission and vision statement of the company. Crafting and Executing Strategy Strategic management was a set of decisions and actions that results the information and implementation of plans for achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Each and every successful business was dependent upon the effectiveness of the strategic planning in the organization. The strategic planning could create the past performance and also it could predict the organizational performance in future.

1. Argument for the importance of strategic planning

The strategic planning was the one that formulated the mission of the organization by including statements about the purpose, philosophy as well goals. Theses inclusion can define the ways to success the goals and implementation of the organization. This was the task or argument of a strategic planning in order to make the organization successful. The second argument was analyzing the conditions and capabilities of an organization internally. This can be made by strategic planning in making the organizational rules and regulations effectively. The strategic planning was used to analyze the resources by matching with the external environment in order to evaluate the strength of the organization. The desirable options of the organization could be identified by evaluating each option in the organizational mission for making the organization perfect. This action was performed by the implementation of strategic planning in an organization. Select the set of long-term objectives and strategies that will achieve the most desirable options of an organization. This was the argument that supported to the importance of strategic planning and the strategic planning was important for an organization in setting the long term objectives (Thompson, 2006). Development of annual objectives and short-term strategies that was compatible with the selected set of long term objectives and strategies. This was the argument for delivering the importance of strategic planning in order to make the success to organization. Allocation of matching of tasks, people and structures and technologies could be possible by the implementation of strategic planning for the success of an organization. The strategic planning also evaluates the effective decision making in making the management of an organization perfect. Hence these elements are delivering the points for the importance of strategic planning to make the organization.

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